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Putting Green Turf & Supplies

This page lists most of the materials and supplies you will need to install synthetic turf and putting greens. Some required supplies are best purchased near to where your project will be. Like Base materials for example.

Putting Green Turf prices

SofTrak Putting Green

This is the premier putting green surface. If you are looking for the best quality putting green this is it. SofTrak greens react just like a real green. They accept full shots and chips from any distance, with a true reaction, but there are no divots to clean up! Putts roll true and the speed of a SofTrak green can be adjusted to the speed of what you play on. Unlike some greens, a SofTrak green gets better with age. All these factors combine to make SofTrak the best choice for a backyard practice facility.

SofTrak putting green $3.25* per. square foot


Bent Grass 38

This turf comes in a new color “Augusta Green”and is an excellent choice for mid sized backyard greens. It retains the adjust ability and playability of a SofTrak green and more importantly the true roll characteristics that our greens are known for.

Bent Grass 38 putting green $2.36* per. Square foot


Bent Grass 30

This putting green turf is a good choice for greens that you are not planning to hit full shots to. It's more economical and uses less infill for even more cost savings.

Bent Grass 30 $2.32*per. Square foot


We also offer several types of Nylon putting green surfaces. Nylon Putting Green Pro (uses a blend of colors) and Nylon putting green (turf green) These surfaces are great for indoor putting greens and can be installed outdoors, on a patio or in protected area's. The advantages are faster less expensive installation, no infill is needed, little to no maintenance and great looking green. But be aware these greens won't accept chips or full shots in a realistic fashion, the speed of putts can't be adjusted and they work best installed on a flat surface with no contours.

Nylon Putting Green & Nylon putting Green Pro $3.55*per. Square foot


Pure Putt (Nylon with 3mm backing)

$3.25*per. Square foot


Ultimate Tee

This product is suitable for use as a Tee mat like you would use at a driving range or in your own personal teeing ground. But this is not the same material used in most tee mats. You can play shots right off the material or tee it up, just like on the course. Thats right, no robber tee's needed. Just use whatever type of tee you play with, stick it right in the mat and swing away.

Ultimate Tee $8.53*per Square foot


Zoysia Tee

This turf can be used for teeing area's or lawns. It is a fine bladed turf with a dense thatch layer, and has a very luxurious look to it as well as a soft cushy feel under your bare feet.

Zoysia Tee $6.40*per. Square foot



This turf looks and feels like Zoysia Tee but with a slightly shorter height and face weight. It can be used for lawns, teeing or chipping area's.

Zoysia turf $4.85*per. Square foot


Other supplies you may need

Infill sand

RQS2000 $7.95*per. 50lb. Bag SofTrak top dressing sand $19.95*per. 50lb. Bag

Sofill infill comes in green or black

$19.95*per. 50lb. Bag

Crumb Rubber infill

$15.95*per. 50lb. Bag

Adhesive, Outdoor seaming

$83.95*per. Gallon

Nordot adhesive for Urethane

5Gallon $425.00*

APAC 630 glue down adhesive

3.5gallon $75.00*

Indoor adhesive, glue down or seaming

$22.95*per quart

Seaming material

Mylar 100foot $43.95*

Cordura seaming tape

50 feet$47.95*

* Plus Ca sales tax, shipping and handling charges.


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